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What does T.C.M. treatment typically include?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

T.C.M., a.k.a. Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a type of organic treatment which originates from Ancient China thousands years back. It treats diseases of internal body without cutting skin open or leaving any traumatic damage to the body. It's also a preventative therapeutic form of regimen to maintain the general health of our internal organs and promote life quality and longevity.The typical T.C.M. treatment is delivered in forms of:

  1. Traditional Chinese formula--a formula prescribed with various types of natural herbs combined in a specific ratio.

  2. Acupuncture--stainless steel filiform needles which is pierced underneath dermal level in a chosen points on the body based on meridian theory. Besides filiform needles, other forms of needles are also applied including auricular needles, scalp needles, intradermal needles, ankle needles. They can be integrated with electro-stimulator by setting different wave frequency in order to reach specific medical needs.

  3. Moxibustion--mugwort in different forms such as threaded or ground or powdered. It is applied to warming up body, eliminating stasis and blockage.

  4. Cupping--cup like devices being sucked on top of skin. The red marks left which disappear in a week or two are the indication of internal body health status.

  5. Guasha/Scraping--this is mainly a seducing method to eliminate pathogenic factors in meridians and collaterals which locate in superior level beneath dermal levels.

  6. Tui Na--Chinese massage therapy, which does not involve oil application and usually deliver muscle level relief by techniques with clothes on.

  7. Qi Gong--Chinese Yoga.

Author: Vivian W Liu, R.M.T., R.TCMP, R.Acu Charisma Health Professionals

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