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July 6th, 2023

Indoor parking lot (300 Church St.) start accepting credit card/debit checkout. NO CASH is accepted.

They used to be a cash only garage. The townhall has recently equipped them with POS machine and their onsite staff have been asked to check vehicles out by credit card/debit.




March, 16, 2022

We have got guidance from our licences' governing bodies, that we as healthcare professionals are still required to keep wearing masks during treatments, after masking mandate is lifted for the public by Ministry of Health of Ontario starting from March 21st, 2022.


Clients/patients may hold different views on masking, so we as service providers will conduct proper risk assessment.


Therefore, after March 21, 2022, in our clinic, our staff will keep masks on and you as clients/patients are free to choose coming in with masks on or off, unless you show any covid signs/symptoms and we have to triage you out of our premises , cancel the booking and assist you for further medical help and/or report to health authority. We all must wear masks in this scenario. Thanks for understanding. Our top priority is safety and wellbeing of all of you!

December, 23, 2021


Our practitioner Vivian W Liu got her third dose/booster shot today and her vaccination certificate is posted in our gallery:)  To keep our clinic cozy and clean,we will continue following COVID protocols to make sure you are safe throughtout your whole visit.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! :)

November, 18, 2021

We keep open throughout the holiday weeks!

We keep open in Christmas and New Year weeks, including December 25th,2021 and January 1st, 2022! You are welcome to book in with us for massage therapy(RMT) and acupuncture (R.TCM&R.Acu). Extended Health Insurance accepted and Direct Billing provided.

July,7, 2021

We start going paperless with receipt issuing! 

From today, we offer e-receipt at the end of your treatment for your manual submission of your extended health insurance claim (receipt will be emailed out to you at the end of session), unless you request us for direct billing which does not require you to have receipts in your end.


We keep open on CANADA DAY!!

Charisma Health Professionals, located in downtown Oakville ON, will continue open 7 days a week including the upcoming Canada Day! Registered Massage Therapy(RMT) and Acupuncture(R.TCM&R.Acu) are accepting bookings! Extended Health Insurance and Direct Billing are accepted.

We are a well-trained licensed healthcare team and vaccinated of both doses against COVID-19, while we will keep up COVID protocols in place to guarantee your safety and wellbeing throughout your visit to us. 


Our practitioner Vivian W Liu, got her second dose of COVID-19 vaccine today! We are fully vaccinated now!.  You are welcome to reach out to us for massage(RMT) and acupuncture(R.TCM&R.Acu) appointments.

June 3, 2021

About direct billing, please be noted:

(1) Our clinic has been registered with the majority of the insurance companies, and our clients usually have us to direct bill for them every time they visit us.

(2) If you are not covered 100%, you have to cover the part outside your coverage at your visit to us.

(3) If you are required by your insurer to provide supporting documents (ex. doctor's referral note) and you do not have it with you at your first visit to us, we can not direct bill and next time you are back to us with the documents with you, we can direct bill for you from then. Therefore, we strongly recommend you check with your insurance company or your plan brochure about detail of your coverage (what is the percentage you are cover, doctor's referral note required, etc.) before you book with us.

May,20, 2021

Reopening plan has been on the table!

Number of daily COVID-19 new cases in Ontario starts to curb down! Reopening in June starts from all dine-ins and malls. By July should we expect to see our life back to normal!

With COVID on its way to hell, we licensed healthcare professionals continue to keep up COVID-proof protocols (mask and thermometer always in place with sanitations and disinfections on all touched surfaces and common areas). We are ready to welcome you back!

Current service menu includes Registered Massage Therapy(RMT) and Acupuncture(R.TCM&R.Acu). Online Booking; Extended Health Insurance; Direct Billing. Look forward to seeing you soon!

May,18, 2021


From today, Ontarians 18+ years old can start booking COVID-19 vaccination. Let's cross the fingers for a better tomorrow after the whole public finish vaccination. We will continue keeping our clinic sanitized and disinfected as we've always done and follow the COVID protocols with thermometer-and-mask mandatory policy to guarantee your safety throughout your whole visit.


April,21, 2021

We Keep Open!

To preserve system capacity during Ontario’s third wave of COVID-19, the province has updated Directive #2 to cease all non-emergency and non-urgent surgeries and procedures, effective immediately. This update to Directive #2 does not directly impact Massage Therapists (MTs/RMTs).

Wearing eye protection (e.g. goggles or face shield) is strongly recommended for RMTs, so please feel free to come in with any facial protection. Mask is required; other facial protection will also be accepted along with mask.

Conducting risk assessments before every treatment to ensure the anticipated benefits of treatment outweigh risks to the client and the RMT is required. Therefore, you will go through COVID-19 assessment questionnaire and body temperature check.

April,14, 2021

Our COVID-19 Guidelines:

To ensure a safe visit, here is the guideline YOU need to follow:

    • If you are sick, please reschedule

    • Sanitizing station is at the door to be used on your way in and out

    • MASKS are a MUST at all times with exception during massages

    • Maximally two people visiting in at a time. 

    • Please do not wear jewelry to your appointment


And the following is what WE do to keep every one in the clinic safe:

    • We have increased frequency of disinfecting high-touch surfaces

    • We have made hand sanitizer available to ALL areas necessary

    • Only two people allowed to visit at the same time in the clinic

    • Treatment table and chairs are cleaned after every single use

    • Bedding and towels are washed and sanitized after every single use (standard procedure)

    • The clinic will be professionally cleaned at the end of every single day

    • We all staff will wear personal protective equipment while with Clients (masks will be always on while gloves and shields will be applied as needed)

March,22, 2021

Cold Laser Therapy(LLLT) and Ultrasound will be added to our service menu down the road. At this point of time, we are offering Massage Therapy (RMT) and Acupuncture (R.TCM&R.Acu).

March,22, 2021

Grand Opening Day! We are here proudly to announce today as Day One our clinic starts to run and accept appointments!     We provide Registered Massage Therapy{RMT),   Registered Acupuncture (R.TCM&R.Acu),  Cold Laser Therapy(LLLT) and Ultrasound.  You are welcome to reach out to us for your 

health concerns or stress/pain relief.

March, 21, 2021

Direct Billing is provided now! We are pleased to start offering direct billing to you. This is an officially new feature in our booking system, and we are excited to add it to our admin task to make your insurance submission a lot easier by e-claiming your insurance on behalf of you. You will just need to pay the portion of the charge beyond your insurance coverage. You can go to our navigation bar and find "ABOUT US", under which can you find "Direct Billing". It mentions what we need from you in your initial visit in order to register you into our direct billing portal (benifit card, photo ID, doctor note if applicable, credit card kept on file..) Please read through for more details. Have a wonderful day!

March, 19, 2021

Please come to your appointments with mask on. If you feel unwell, please kindly reach out to us for a rain check. You are always welcome back whenever you are ready!

December 9, 2020

In the middle of relocating to a new location, we are not providing direct billing at this moment. Look forward to seeing you soon.  Be safe and well!

October 17, 2020

We are lincenced with Bioflex Cold Laser Therapy (LLLT). It will be added to our service menu once we reopen! 

Do you know LLLT is insurance claimable? Check your extended health insurance coverage and find out how much you are covered each year We will write you a receipt at the end of each session which you can be reimbursed with to your insurer. More details are coming along with our reopening announcement. Thanks.

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