Vivian Weiwei Liu 

R.M.T., R.TCMP & R.Acu;

Certified Laser therapist 


My name is Vivian W Liu. I am a Registered Massage Therapist(R.M.T.) ,Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner(R.TCMP) and Registered Acupuncturist(R.Acu); I am also a certified laser therapist.  I have been practising since 2014 as a registered massage therapist(RMT) in rehabilitation facilities and multidisciplinary clinics along with other healthcare professionals. For years' practice,I have polished my techniques involving clinically effective assessment skills and manipulation of soft tissues and body joints to offer significant physiological effects in muscular, cardiovascular, lymphatic and nervous systems. I specialize in deep tissue workout, pre and post natal tension relief, sports massage ,Thai and lymphatic drainage. I also offers stress-unwinding therapeutic techniques such as aromatherapy, shiatsu and hot stone. In April 2020, I got registered in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, which's made me a dual registered practitioner. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can not only loosen up tension on soft tissues but treat internal organ malfunction and diseases in internal& external medicine, gynecology, pediatrics and traumatological concerns as well. It is a good communication and alternative or integrative choice to western medicine treatments especially on non-acute issues to organically target problematic organs and tissues to heal from diseases and promote body health. Based on patient needs, I can intermingle cupping therapy and Gua-sha(bladder meridian scraping) into acupuncture,TCM  and/ or massage therapy.

My clientele comes from a variety of backgrounds, from students and office white collars who get stuck sitting hours per day getting their muscles hypertonic, or hardware technicians , gardeners , handy men or construction workers who keep on their feet or repetitively use their arms long hours each day, to seniors who suffer from post surgery or traumatic injury or aging wear and tear.

No matter they walk in for medical concerns, acute or chronic, or just for shedding their stress off, I can always guarantee them walking out smiling. I work towards individual-tailored problem-solving philosophy , so the treatment principle only fits individual you.  I believe that integrity of healing hands and caring mind leads to delivering optimal health. No matter you are in pain and medical concern, or just would like a treat or a getaway from hectic schedule ,you can find yourself a cozy,serene and therapeutic professional solution with us.

Our clinic

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Founded on March 22nd,2021, our clinic strives to maximize therapeutic results by providing professional treatments while letting our patients feel like home. We not only treat our patients with knowledge and techniques, but communicate with and listen to our patients' concerns with all our heart and care as well.