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We understand life not always runs as planned and unexpected things happen.

We ask to get notified of any cancellation or reschedule at least 24 hours ahead, so that penalty fee can be waived and we can better serve all of you.

Notice of cancellation/reschedule within 24 hours or no show would cause our scheduled client list thrown away and your slot can not be filled up by another request in waiting list in time. In these cases we are forced to charge you full amount so that the practitioner who you are scheduled with can still assure their time worth the wait. Your time slot will be automatically forfeited. We are not able to allow you to re-book in until outstanding fee is cleared.

No show will be referred as, if you do not show up 20mins after your scheduled start time and do not notify us; your booking slot will not be held valid, which will be notified by email to both you and your practitioner.  If you arrive late more than 10mins and within 20mins , you still have your booking held for you. Your session will finish as scheduled and will be checked out full charge. 

We do not mean to be harsh on you. We just need to be fair to every one of you we value.


Any time, you can call/Text:  (647)619-1219 ; email: 

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