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We provide direct billing for majority of insurance companies in our system.

What we need from you

1.The name of your Extended Healthcare Provider

2.Your Benefit Card

3.Your relationship to the Policy Holder (Self, Spouse, Parent, etc.)

4.If you were referred by a physician and your policy requires Doctor note, we need it for your initial setup and/or annual  update)

 What you need to bring to us in your first visit

1. Your Benefit Card       

2. A valid credit card to keep on file

3. A Doctor note (If required by insurance plan)

 FAQs about our direct billing system

1. When do we bill: We bill out your individual treatment every time you come in.
2. If your plan covers a certain percentage of your claims:  We are able to bill the allowed percentage of your treatment online. Please be noted that the remainder of your balance has to be paid up at your visit. 
3. If Your Extended Healthcare Provider is not on the direct billing list:  We have to ask for a full payment by the end of your visit. We will write you a receipt for the treatment done and you can manually claim with the receipt to your insurer. Our direct billing system has been registered with the majority of insurance companies big and small, and it is almost impossible for us to come across a client insured by a company not listed in our system.
4. (1) Our direct billing system may deny your extended health claim ,which rarely happens but if it does, it only happens in the first time a clinic starts to direct bill (the reason of decline is mostly due to lack of supporting documents such as doctor 's referral note as required by some plans, or your plan detail's expiry or change, etc..) 

(2)Your plan may only cover a portion of the charge.

(3) Direct billing still goes through successfully but payee is automatically changed by the system from the clinic to the plan member/plan member's dependent.   

As for any of the above scenarios,we will let you know before you leave.

(4)Your insurer does not set up to direct bill option.

------For the denial scenario, we will offer you a full-amount official receipt at the end of the treatment with which you can manually claim to your insurer. We will find out the exact reason of the decline and fix it up in time. From your 2nd visit on, we can get the direct billing through. 

------For the partial coverage scenario, which is pretty common place with quite a number of extended health benefits, we will also offer you a receipt for the amount you clear out by your own, which can be used for your tax purposes.

------For the third scenario--"payable to" automatically changed from the clinic to plan member or member dependent, we can process direct bill for you, but you will be asked to make full payment to clinic by the end of your visit and your insurer will directly send reimbursement to you. We will offer you the claimed receipt and you do not need to claim again.

------For the scenario your insurer does not accept direct bill, you will have to pay upfront the full charge. We will offer you an official receipt and the insurance company will reimburse you at a later date after you manually claim with our receipt.

5. Is MVA/WSIB on our service menu? No. 


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