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Self care is remedial exercises clients can practice by themselves. Since clients usually do not go to treatments in clinic on daily basis,  self care exercises can keep the effectiveness of the clinic treatments and/or speed up the recovery process. There are typically three types of self care exercises: stretch, strengthening and pain management. It is really important that clients keep up their remedial exercises on regular basis as guided by treating practitioners. 

Stretch exercise, also called passive exercise, is for muscle tension and soft tissue hypertonicity. It helps promoting the blood flow and easing up tension. It can also loosen up mental stress.

Strengthening exercise, a.k.a. active exercise, is for muscle atrophy or weakness. It helps promote muscle strength and build up healthy strong muscle fibers. 

Pain management is used for both acute and chronic pain. Acute pain usually happens within 24 hours of onset; chronic pain is referred to when it happens after at least 72 hours. 

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